Chisel Stock - Marlin

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CNC’d 6061 solid billet-aluminum stock for the Marlin Lever Gun series of rifles. This stock features a FULLY ambidextrous, adjustable-height cheek piece, as well as an adjustable height butt-pad.

General Fitment: This stock should be a drop-in replacement for 1970+ PISTOL GRIP Marlin 1895’s, 1894’s, and 336’s, HOWEVER, older rifle production variances and tolerances may cause the stock to require some minor gunsmithing for a perfect fit.  The guns are not CNC machined.  Our stocks are.

Straight-grip conversion: This stock WILL allow you to convert your straight-grip rifle to a a pistol-grip style rifle, HOWEVER, you will need to purchase a pistol-grip lever for the action to work.  These are available on ourwebsite!